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What is hair cutting?

So what is a clip extension? These detachable and reusable extensions are attached to your hair and pressure clips. They are easy to attach and remove, blend seamlessly with natural hair, and come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors.

What we really like is that clip-on earrings can be worn at any time, so you don’t need to travel to a beauty salon! You can easily install them yourself in minutes by adding dimensions without having to make a huge commitment.

Want to add bright color stripes to a one-off look? Or are you looking for soft highlights that blend with your natural colors? Clipping is a great, easy alternative to more sophisticated methods such as tape and fusion extensions.

Hair cutting is sold with weft yarn instead of a single hair bundle. Since there is more hair on each weft, each weft covers a wider head area.

The overall tension caused by the weft yarns is smaller than that of the single strands, which makes them particularly suitable for thinner, more easily damaged hair. For the holder, the installation time is also significantly less than the fusion or beading method.

 What is hair cutting?
What is hair cutting?
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