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How to make your hair look beautiful

• Step 1: Put all your hair in front

• You want your hair to look as thick as possible in the photo. So be sure to move it all forward from behind. It depends on whether you want to split up. Put a little on each side, or want to be on one side. But no matter what, you don’t want to hide anything behind.

• Step 2: Brush your teeth

• Frugal and embossed will make your hair look very dim. So by brushing your hair and getting a smooth surface. It will look brighter in your photos. You want to do this with a brush because after the hair is sprayed. The brush will be very gentle and help to tame all the flies. Using a toothbrush head on your hair can also make you look perfect.

Step 3: Flash spray coating

A glossy spray will cover your hair, making it look shiny and healthy, so it’s perfect for taking pictures. It is especially suitable for wavy or super smooth hair. If you don’t cut your hair, it will help to cover the dry and split hair in the photo. Our favorite is the AWAUHI Shining Spray, which is made from organic ginger and truly reflects light.

• Step 4: Thicken the hairline

• This is a method that celebrities often use when setting foot on the red carpet, which helps to make your hair look thicker in the photo. All you have to do is fill your hairline and give you a thick hair with some eye shadow or root touch. Our favorite product is the color wow, the root covers 8 different colors, is a real pigment, so it is easy to apply.

• Step 5: Find the right lighting

• It is best to stand facing the window, or it is best to take your photo outside to make sure you get the best light. This is very important because if it is behind you, it can highlight your flight path and make your hair look very messy. If it is too dark or too bright, it will not affect your hair. You want the light to be even, so avoid any shadows, don’t stand in direct sunlight, because it will be too bright. You also need to make sure your camera or phone is set to the correct exposure for the highest quality photos.

How to make your hair look beautiful
How to make your hair look beautiful
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