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How to hide your hair extension cord

Do not clip the extension of the hair to the hair roots. But let them sit 1 cm away from the hair. This will ensure that your weft is placed flat on your head and that there are no bumps to extend your hair. It will also ensure that the clips have enough hair to catch and make them super safe in your hair.

In order for your hair clip to be completely covered. You need to leave enough hair on the hair clip. That’s why we don’t recommend cutting your weft yarn higher than your eyes so you have enough hair to sit on it. It’s also worth checking your hair in the mirror. Once all the hair has been cut short. it seems like there is a weft on the display, you need to move them down.

On a windy day, your hair will spread out and it may reveal the top of your weft. So it’s worth combing the hair back to make sure you are covered. All you have to do is gently comb the small part above. Where you use the highest weft to clip the hair together. This will prevent it from separating so your clips are hidden below.

Because the hair does not have roots. If you have hair, they can contrast with your natural regeneration. To mix the top of the weft into your own hair, you can use some root emollient sprays to make fake roots. This will allow your extension to blend seamlessly into your natural hair at the top. So if it does apart, no one will notice a break.

How to hide your hair extension cord
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