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Ways to Use Hair Extensions

  1. Add a sense of fullness to your ponytail or messy hair

Is there anything worse than a sad, soft ponytail? Have you ever heard of the fact that your ponytail will never bounce like you dreamed? If all you want is extra volume and body to your ponytail, clip the

just where you need to add extra volume and body to your ponytail or messy bun. Whether it’s an Arianna-style high ponytail, an elegant low ponytail, or an interesting scorpion ponytail, the long, thick ponytail is always inside. With just a few wefts, you can turn your ponytail into a lively, elastic ponytail without the need for an extra artificial ponytail. If the messy hair is more suitable for you, simply twist your new, thicker ponytail on your body, fix it with some hairpins, and enjoy a big messy hair.

2.Add volume

Do you dream of turning your sparse hair into thick curls? The hair extension of the hair increases the size and size of your hair, which can help your dreams come true! In addition to long hair, one of our favorite methods is to increase the size and thickness of the hair. Simply stack the two weft yarns together to create a larger weft, or choose to add a weft to the current fabric to bring the fabric to the next level.

Not interested in extra length? no problem! Choose a shorter 16-inch length, or take your hair stylist and have them trimmed to a shorter length to match your current hair length. If you want to cut your hair at home, follow the instructions below to use hair extension.

3. Make longer and thicker braids

Do you want the thick, long, fluffy scorpions you see on Pinterest? We are here to let you know a special secret so that you can have long, thick scorpions so that any Disney princess is envious. Hair extension is the perfect solution to turn a thin, short braid into a large, long braid. Before braiding your hair extension, just cleverly put a few welts on your head and say hello to your beautiful rough. Whether it’s the classic three-scorpion scorpion, the Dutch scorpion, or even the bride’s scorpion, the extension of the hair is what you need to reach a bigger scorpion than life. Click on the link below to learn how to lengthen and thicken the weave immediately.

Ways to Use Hair Extensions

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